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Blue and White Bedding Sets blue and white comforter

Blue and white is one of those combinations that I cannot resist, it has a classic charm that a lot of people adore.  I picture a lot of blue and white bedding being used in nautical theme bedrooms, or perhaps Moroccan.  There’s a lot that one can do with blue and white together in a bedroom, both colors are gender neutral but also get used a lot in boys bedrooms.

Blue can be navy, sky, light blue, green blue, teal, aqua and other shades.  There is no one particular share of blue that I’ve focused on, it’s pretty random and based on beauty, not shade.

Amazon has a ton of different blue and white bedding sets to choose from at phenomenal prices, not to mention you get FREE SHIPPING most of the time.

Blue and White Stripe Comforter Set

I love the color navy blue, and I love it more when it is paired with white because it gives that nautical feeling in the bedroom when its done right. Amazon has some of the hottest comforter designs for the bedroom, and this navy blue and white stripe bedding set is no exception.  I love how the thick stripes meet the thin stripes for a unique look.  This bedding set is reversible, one side has the same symmetrical stripes and the other, different variations of thick and thin stripes.  Stripes are very popular this year, it’s the look that appeases both men and women alike.  This navy blue and white modern striped bedding is available in Twin size and Full/Queen size. It’s a very inexpensive comforter set considering the quality and style.


Blue and White Stripe Hotel Style Bedding

This royal blue and white comforter set is the perfect bedding for the master bedroom because it encompasses everything men and women want in a bedding set.  This royal blue and white bedding set is not too feminine or masculine, making it the ideal comforter for married couples.  The unique pattern gives this blue and white bedding set a universal appeal; it blends well with other patterns in the room because of it’s subtly and charm.  This Cozy Bedding, Royal Blue & White comforter set includes the shams, bed skirt and comforter and comes in a variety of sizes to choose from.


Blue and White Bedding Set

This is a chic and modern way to add a subtle touch of Navy blue to the room.  This geometric blue floral print captures the essence of the bedroom and can be married with luxurious white linens.  This charming bedding set is available in a variety of sizes like twin, full, queen and king size. This is a great blue and white bed set for a master bedroom, don’t you think? How could a man and a woman not agree on something so stunning?


Blue and White Comforter

This lovely blue and white is a stunning mix of the most beautiful blue colors. If you want a blue that pierces the very soul of design, this is it.  Available most of the time in Twin, Full/Queen and King sizes.  This is an easy design to work with because the colors work so well in almost any bedroom decor setting.


Blue and White Bed Set

This blue and white bed set is perfect for the master bedroom. The way the blue meets the white is absolutely divine. I could see this working well for both a man and a woman. A blue and white bedroom design is both feminine and masculine and allows for a nice bedding like this to be present. Your bedding is going to be the focal point of the bedroom, it’s only right that a man and a woman should agree on the bed set chosen. This one here comes in a Queen and King set most of the time, sizes do vary depending on availability.


Blue and White Quilt Duvet

I love this light blue and white bedding set, it’s not darker blue like the others but it’s got a nice bright tone to it. This particular blue and white would work nice in a country homestyle setting or in a more modern theme depending on the decor setting. I particularly like that it has versatile style, it can be country, nautical, or even beach themed depending on what the rest of the room is decorated with.


Blue and White Comforters and Bedding Sets

These are some of the most popular styles of blue and white bedding. Darker blue seems to be more of a desirable choice than the lighter blues. Lighter blues work with beach theme rooms and also in little boys rooms – but if you want blue and white in a bedroom, dark seems to be preferred.

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