Chevron Bedding Sets


101 Unusual Uses for Chevron Bedding Sets

Chevron bedding sets are very popular style right now.  My daughter recently asked me if we could redecorate her room in a chevron print and I didn’t realize how many different colors are available in this style.  Chevron bedding prints come in all sizes and colors.  We settled on yellow and grey chevron bedding for her room and it turned out gorgeous, but really, any of the colors would have been pretty.  Here we’ve collected lots of different colored chevron bedding sets that we thought were very stylish.  When it comes to this print, it’s hard to pick because everything looks good.

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Most-Popular Chevron Bedding Sets

We picked yellow and grey but black and white was our second choice.  Other colors like purple, teal and orange were very alluring as well. So what color will you pick for your chevron bedding?


Reversible Gray and White Chevron Bedding

Mi-Zone Libra Chevron Comforter Set. This black and white chevron comforter is reversible, the other side features a thinner chevron stripe design in gray color.  You can get two really popular designs for the price of one.  The look of these zigzag stripes is just delicious in the bedroom.  This is the SAME bedding set – reversible patterns make it easy to change up the look of your bedroom without dinging your pocket book.

Teal, White and Grey Chevron Comforter Set

This stunning gray and white chevron print comforter has a unique charm to it that is quite popular.  The charming look of white and gray mixed with a reversible yellow side, gives this comforter two great looks for the price of one.  The two matching pillow shams have a yellow trim that matches the reverse side of the comforter – tying all of it together beautifully!  Available in aqua blue and yellow!


Yellow & Grey Chevron Coverlet

Yellow & Grey Chevron Bedding Set by Intelligent Design. I love the design of this gray, white and yellow chevron bedding set. This is a simple, yet elegant coverlet set that includes the coverlet, matching sham and decorative pillow. Coverlets are a nice, soft way to add subtle charm to a room.  Sometimes a comforter can be too fluffy and overbearing but a coverlet drapes nicely on a bed, giving it more defined shape in the room.  I like the grey and yellow zig zag pattern because its got a modern yet retro vibe. This bedding set is usually available in Twin, Full, Queen and King size sets.  Check for size details.


Blue, Gray, Yellow and White Chevron Bedding Set

This blue, gray, white and yellow chevron bedding is the perfect look for a modern and contemporary bedroom. The color scheme is simply divine and really compliments the zig zag design of this set. This Intelligent Design Elise chevron comforter set is available in twin and queen size sets. There is also a purple version of this set available that also has a cool color scheme too.


Navy Blue and White Chevron Bedding Set

Sweet JoJo Designs Navy Blue Chevron Bedding Set. This 3-piece navy blue and white chevron bedding set has a modern look with sharp edges and a cool design.  This navy blue chevron bedding set could be used in a boys or a girls room. It’s available in different sizes and includes the comforter and two shams.  There is also a matching sheet available if you want to complete this bedding ensemble.


Blue & Green Chevron Bedding Set

This pretty comforter features an array of green chevron zigzag stripes.  It’s reversible, one side is solid lime green and the other has different tones of green chevron stripes.  You can use it both ways!  Available in Twin, Full and Queen size sets (you have to check for availability).


Yellow, Gray and White Quilt Bedding

What I love about the look of yellow, gray and white chevron bedding is how neutral and peaceful it is.  It’s the kind of bedding set that people crave when they want the look of chevron stripes in their room.  Because this bedding is so popular and universal, its comes in Twin size, Queen size and King size sets.


Unique Yellow Chevron Bedding

I am in love with this yellow and grey chevron bedding set, the print is so unique and I have never seen anything like it.  I love that its a quilt and not a comforter, that’s a nice touch that looks classy.  This yellow and gray chevron comes in a twin size and full size set.  What’s cool is that it’s reversible, so you can get two cool looks for the price of one.  It’s a high quality quilt, perfect for a tween or teen room.

Kate Spain Sunnyside Quilt Set

Blue, Purple and Lime Green Chevron Bedding Set

Blue, Green and Purple Chevron Bedding Set.

This is the perfect chevron bedding set for a tween or teenager because of the modern colors and design.  The different shades of blue combined with the bright green, purple, black and white chevron design is just too cool pass up.  This is one of my favorite chevron bedding sets on the whole page just because the colors work so well together.  This chevron bedding set is available in twin size and full size sets.  It’s a complete bedding set that includes the sheets, pillow case, comforter, bed skirt and more.

Modern Blue, Lime Green and Purple Chevron Bedding Setchevron pattern bedding

Teal Blue and White Chevron Bedding

This gorgeous teal blue and white thick striped Chevron bedding includes the coverlet, pillow sham and pillow.  It’s available in a twin and full/queen size.  It’s the quintessential turquoise/teal and white color combination.

Mizone Libra Coverlet Setteal chevron bedding

Pink and White Chevron Stripe Bedding

This is the pink and white version of the teal and white chevron set by Libra featured on this page. What I love about these Chevron stripes is how thick they are. They add a certain boldness to the design that stands out.  This is probably my second favorite bedding set on the page because it’s girly, fun and still has that chevron design that is so popular right now.  This set is available in a twin size and full/queen size set.

Mi-Zone Libra Comforter Setpink and white chevron bedding set

Beautiful Chevron Bedding Set

PEM America Fine Line 3 Piece Comforter Set.

I love the beautiful array of colors in this chevron bedding set.  The way the yellow, blue, white and gray colors combine is just gorgeous.  I love the look of chevron stripes in the bedroom and this is a very unique display.  Usually you don’t see such exquisite details in a chevron comforter, it’s almost always the same geometric symmetrical design.  This chevron comforter set is available in queen and king size sets.  It comes with the comforter and shams.

PEM America Fine Line 3 Piece Comforter Setchevron dorm bedding

Blue Quilt Chevron Bedding

This gorgeous blue chevron bedding set is quilted and showcases a gorgeous array of colors throughout.  This blue chevron bedding set is made of 100% cotton and includes the quilted comforter and shams. Available in twin, full, queen and king size sets.

Blue Quilted Zig Zag 100% Cotton Bedding Setblue chevron bedding

Orange and Brown Chevron Bedding

This orange and brown chevron duvet set is available in ALL bedding sizes, including daybed size.  What I love about this orange and brown zigzag bedding set is that its unique, I’ve never seen such a charming combination of orange, brown, gray and white used before.

Eastern Accents Dawson Duvet Collectionchevron

Modern Shades of Gray Chevron Striped Bedding

ModShop Zig Zag Bedding Set.

This modern chevron design duvet set has sophistication, class and luxury all over it.  This chevron bedding set has a touch of vintage style added to a contemporary look.  The retro-modern chic look has a captivating presence in the bedroom that one can’t deny.

ModShop Zig Zag Bedding Setchevron bedding queen

Rainbow Chevron Striped Bedding

Bed Ink ZigZag Sorbet Quilt Set. This is one of my favorite rainbow colored chevron bedding sets for girls.  I love the different bright colors and the way the coverlet hugs the edges of the bed. The sorbet colors are cheerful and really add a lot of color to a girls room.

Rainbow Chevron Striped BeddingChevron Bedding Girls

Purple Lavender and White Chevron Bedding

Purple, Lavender and White ZigZag Bedding

Purple, Lavender and White ZigZag Bedding. Purple, Lavender, White Chevron Bedding How yummy is this purple, lavender and white chevron bedding set? It’s probably one of my favorites on the whole page. I love the zig zag design in these colors.

This set is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King size duvet sets. Includes the duvet, striped sheet set and matching pillowcase and sham. Such a yummy look for a girls room. ON SALE NOW!

Decorating for this purple chevron bedding would be so easy because it blends so well with white.  White is one of the most inexpensive decor colors to use in a bedroom and it works great with this purple chevron design.

Yellow and Gray Chevron Bedding Sets

We recently redecorated my tween daughters bedroom with a yellow and grey chevron print. She’s in high school now so it was time for something a little more mature. These zig zag patterns are really popular right now and they come in so many color combinations. We had a hard time deciding which color we were going to use. We knew we wanted to do something with grey because we had this awesome zigzag wall paper already in mind. Yellow and teal looked great paired with grey and so did black and white, but black and white seemed a little too dark for summer (which is when we were doing our redecorating).

We chose yellow because we liked the look of the bedding and we knew it would look good with our existing white bedroom furniture. Looking through different bedding selections can help you come up with the perfect color for your room if you are still trying to decide what to do.  Back to school time is the time when most parents are purchasing bedding for their kids. Whether you are just giving your child a fresh space to study or sending them off to their dorm in college, chevron print is something that works for all ages.