Peacock Blue Bedding that Won’t Ruffle Your Feathers!


Beautiful Peacock Blue Bedding

peacock blue bedding setsPeacock blue bedding is so beautiful and it’s such a welcoming way to decorate any room of the house.  I’ve always loved the color of peacock blue because it has this turquoise effect to it that shines through. It’s not easy to find by any means in a regular home decor or retail store; you almost have to shop online to see what’s available.

Peacock blue reminds me of more tranquil settings, the blue is relaxing and calming.  It’s a color that you don’t want to mix too much with because it’s perfect on its own or with a dabble of color.

This is a True Peacock Blue Bedding Set!

Look how beautiful the blue design is in this bedding set. It’s available in almost every size, twin, queen and king. What’s unique about this peacock blue bedding is that it comes in different fabrics; cotton or polyester.

Peacock Blue Bedding

True Peacock Blue Color Bedding

Peacock blue can vary in color just as peacocks vary in different shades of blue.  Peacocks are a blue green color that is hard to pinpoint but designers try to come close to capture its true color.  This bedding set here has a peacock pop to it and the brown color really offsets it beautifully.


This is peacock bedding if there ever was any! The feathers really give it the peacock look that some might be seeking. It’s definitely peacock blue but not solely based on the color, but the design itself.

Decorating with Peacock Blue Bedding

Stick to a couple of colors when using peacock blue. Don’t over do it and stick to the original colors, don’t sway to far in your shades of blue or you will have a design mess on your hands.  If you cannot find the right peacock blue bedding start searching through turquoise and teal colored blue bedding sets because you may find what you’re looking for there as well. Turquoise, peacock and teal are so similar that you can find something in that color range too.


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