Ruffle Bedding Sets


10 Ways Ruffle Bedding Sets Can Change Your Bedroom!

Ruffle Bedding SetsThere is nothing more delicious than ruffle bedding, the delicate and dainty style is a show stopper in the bedroom. Any day of the week you can wrap my bed in ruffles, this look is stunning and here on this page I will give you some excellent examples of exactly why I think so. If you are planning to redecorate a girls room – I’m going to show you WHY YOU NEED RUFFLE BEDDING! The ruffle comforters on this page are sensational, I’ve searched high and low to bring you something beyond ordinary. Eye-catching, breathtaking ruffle comforters that are out of this world! No one knows bedding like I do, I am online sourcing for comforters, bedspreads and unique bedroom decor on a daily basis.

I’m looking for ruffled bedding styles that are refreshing and first-rate. I’ve been designing bedrooms since I was a little girl, I would cut out the most stunning bedroom decor and decorate shoe boxes. Here are some of my favorite ruffled bedding ensembles … I will be updating this list frequently with new and exciting bedding with ruffles!

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White Ruffled Bedding Sets


Gorgeous White Ruffle Bedding Set

This is one of the most beautiful white ruffle bedding sets because of the way the ruffles just flow off the bed.  What makes this set so stunning is the floral design weaved into the ruffle comforter.  It would look perfect paired with these gypsy curtains.

Lush Decor Serena 3-Piece Comforter SetGypsy Ruffled Panel White 60″

Pink Ruffle Bedding Twin Size

This beautiful ruffled bedding set features a unique design with its pretty pink ruffles. I love the elegance and girly appeal this ruffle bedding set brings to a bedroom.  This pink on pink ruched bedding set is available in twin size and comes with the beautiful ruffle comforter, pillow case and pillow sham.


Stunning White Ruffle Bedding Set

 If you love the look of white in your life, ruffled bedding can really complete your bedroom design. I’ve worked with a lot of white bedding in my day and dainty, delicate ruffles like these are show stoppers! Compliments pour in over the look of this particular ruffled comforter set in white.


Ruffle Bedding Set White

Pure as the drive snow this white ruffle comforter set will charm your eyes and comfort your body. This is the quintessential white comforter set, with it’s draped edges and delicate white demeanor. This is a fine example of why the look of white ruffles is so popular in bedding right now! With the right decor, this look is the perfect combination of class and delicate beauty. This is one white ruffle comforter set that I have not been able to stop thinking about!


Ruffle Bedding Sets

Blue Ruffle Bedding Sets

Here are some of the most popular blue ruffle bedding sets to choose from. Blue ruffles have that ocean and sea effect in a bedroom and often add a tranquil and peaceful vibe to the room.  Blue ruffle bedding is best suited for lighter shades of blue.  Darker shades of blue such as navy often take away from the ruffles rather than accentuating them.  Teal and light blue or sky blue often make the best blue ruffle bedding sets.


Teal Ruffle Bedding Set

This teal ruffled bedding set reminds me of waterfalls.  It looks like water flowing off the edge in ripples to me.  I love this teal color so much in the ruffled bedding because it works so perfectly together.  This teal ruffle comforter is the perfect addition to any girls bedroom. It comes with five pieces and includes the sheet and shams!


Teal Blue Waterfall Ruffle Bedding Set

This teal blue waterfall ruffles bedding is so beautiful that it’s breathtaking in the bedroom.  Girls fall in love when they see this teal blue ruffle bedding set because of its charm and exquisite beauty.  It’s a bedding set fit for a princess. This gorgeous blue ruffle duvet set is available in a twin size and full size set.  It’s made to add a little charm and ruffle to a girls room.  My teen daughter fell in love with this bedding set the second she saw it, and so will yours!  This blue ruffle comforter set includes the pretty duvet and matching pillow sham.


Aqua Blue & Brown Ruffle Bedding Set

This aqua blue ruffle comforter set has that peaceful effect on a bedroom.  The way the ruffles meet the bed is similar to the way ocean waves meet the shore.  It’s tranquil and calming and brings such elegance to a bedroom.


Turquoise Ruffle Comforter Set

This is one of my favorite ruffle comforter sets because I love the rich color of turquoise, especially when combined with this delicate style.  The comforter is as soft as it looks and is made to last with it’s high quality, rich style.  The scalloped edges give the ensemble depth and ruffles tie it all together.  Ruffles is hot in home decor right now because it sweeps the buyer off it’s feet in every sense.


Purple Ruffle Bedding Sets

Purple ruffles are among the most rare and hard to find in retail stores and online.   Purple ruffle bedding sets are quite delicate and soft and add a sense of femininity to a room that the other colors do not.  For purple ruffles you’ll need to go with a lighter shade because the lighter shades work best with this design.  Ruffles get lost in darker colors and there’s no definition at all in the space.  It’s a terrible idea to use dark colored ruffles unless it’s being paired with a lighter, brighter color!


Purple Ombre Ruffle Bedding

Girls love the look of ombre and it’s stunning on bedding. This purple and blue ombre bedding is such a cool look for a girls bedroom. The way the purple meets the blue and collides for a showstopper of color is breathtaking! This bedding set will be the focal point of any room!


Purple and White Polka Dot Girls Ruffled Comforter Set

This girls purple and white polka dot ruffle bedding set is so pretty!  It’s available in two popular sizes, Twin and Queen size.  What I love about this girly bedding set (besides the ruffles) is the polka dots!  Polka dots paired with ruffles is a girls bedroom’s best friend.  This set includes the comforter, shams and decorative pillow.

Purple & White Polka Dot Ruffle Beddingpurple ruffle bedding

Purple Ruffle Bedding and Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pair up your purple ruffles with some inexpensive sheer curtains.  These curtain panels are less than $10 and so is the curtain rod.  You can easily add pops of purple color this way without spending a fortune and GIRLS LOVE IT!  This is a great look for anyone wanting to redecorate a girls room a teen room.


Purple and Blue Teen Ruffle Bedding

I love the modern colors in this purple and blue teen ruffle bedding.  It’s got that edgy yet feminine style that works great in a teen bedroom design.  This is one of my favorite purple ruffle bedding sets because of the way the ruffles flow off the end of the bed the way they do.

2pc Girl Teal Purple Blue Ruffle Twin Comforter Set

5 Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Ruffles

  1. Use a lighter shade of color if you want to use ruffles, they are delicate.
  2. White bedroom furniture really adds to the intensity of the ruffles.
  3. Shag carpets bring out the look of the ruffles.
  4. Sheer curtains are a ruffles best friend.
  5. Place your bed near an open window and use natural light to accent the ruffles in the room.

Dark colors do not look good with ruffles in my opinion.  You have to use lighter tones in the bedroom with the look of ruffles if you really want to capture the essence of them.  Ruffles were meant to be dainty and girly – they add a class and sophistication to any design.  If you want the look of ruffles, you have to know how to use them.  No one wants to buy a $200 bedding set and have it look tacky.  We all dream of the magazine look in the bedroom, and it can be achieved.  It’s as easy as knowing what works and what does not!  Lighter woods, white wash and even white wicker look very nice with the look of ruffles.  They add a cool, breezy sensation to the room that makes them enticing and comfortable.

Need More Ruffle Bedding Ideas for the Bedroom?

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