Solid Purple Comforter Sets


Solid Purple Comforter Sets Set the Tone!

SOLID PURPLE COMFORTER SETSWhat makes solid purple comforter sets so special? You can instantaneously change the look of your room when you use solid color comforter sets or reversible solid color comforter sets.

Purple bedroom ideas are vastly more popular than any other solid color, even more than blue and pink – purple reigns king, it’s considered a royal color ūüėČ

The reason that I like to use solid colors in bedding is because I can work with them easily.  I love to use rugs, furniture, picture frames, lamps and other little accents to bring out the purple in the comforter set.

Purple is a color that works well with most other colors so you can easily incorporate lights, darks, brights and pastels into a bedroom around a solid purple comforter set.

See all solid purple bedding sets HERE! 

My FAVORITE Purple Comforter Set – Luxury and Comfort

Pleated Purple Bedding Sets

This particular bedding set works beautifully in a purple bedroom. The pleated look has a soft and elegant touch that leaves the room flawless. You can cuddle up in this solid purple comforter and whisk away to dream land. What I like is the pleated look of purple that you can add other decorative pieces too. This is a full size comforter, click on the image to see other sizes available. This purple comforter set comes with the comforter and pillow sham.

Pretty Purple Pleated Bedding SetPretty Purple Pleated Bedding Set

Another purple pleated masterpiece is this duvet set here. ¬†This is a generous sized duvet that works with all sorts of styles in the bedroom. ¬†It’s available in other colors, but of course, purple is the pretties of them all. ¬†You get the duvet plus two matching shams, that’s great because you can easily pick your own pair of solid purple sheets to match. ¬†Click on the image to see the other colors and sizes (image features a Queen size set).

Solid Purple Duvet - Click for SizesSolid Purple Duvet – Click for Sizes

There are so many shades of purple that finding the right solid isn’t always easy, but the beautiful thing about purple is that you don’t have to be exact.

Looking for Amethyst, Crocus, Deep Purple, Eggplant, Electric Purple, Grape, Grace, Han Purple, Heliotrope, Iris, Lavender, Light Purple, Lilac, Magenta, Mauve, Orchid, Pansy, Pearly Purple, Plum, Prune, Purple, Royal, Thistle, Tyrian Purple, Velvet, Violet, or Wine? It doesn’t matter because these colors are the essence of what makes purple the best bedding color.

Solid Purple Suede BeddingSolid Purple Suede Bedding

I mean look at this solid purple comforter right here: It’s EGGPLANT and it’s DELICIOUS! Think of the possibilities? You can do so many things with a solid color like this, the deep depth of purple just ravishes the bedroom presence.

Eggplant Dow n Alternative ComforterEggplant Dow n Alternative Comforter

Transform Your Bedroom Easily with Solid Purple Bedding Sets

When you have something as simple as a purple comforter set, you can transform your room anytime you want with some simple decorative accents like throw pillows and curtains.  Even rugs and furniture can be accentuated with solid purple comforter sets.

Throw pillows are an easy way to add some personality to your solid purple bed set. ¬†I love a lot of pillows on my bed, don’t you? They really are so comfortable and make¬†the bedroom a¬†sanctuary because you can lounge in luxury.

Find more purple comforter sets in a variety of styles and prints on Amazon if you want the best selection.  I love that online store so much I wish they had retail locations.  The bedding and decor is just delicious and the size options and colors and endless.