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16 Reasons to be Addicted to Teal and Black Bedding

Teal and Black BeddingDo you like teal and black bedding? Here you will find some of the hottest styles for a teal and black bedroom. Teal and black is one of my favorite color pairs because of the intense look it adds to a room. You can use this color combination in a variety of ways for both genders. When my husband and I were trying to decide on a good neutral bedding color that we could both live with, teal and black is what we decided on.

The reason we decided on teal and black bedding in the bedroom was because it had both a male and female look to it. It wasn’t overly girly or too masculine, making it a great combination for married couples who can’t decide on something they both like for the bedroom. If your husband is picky and you’re just as stubborn, this color combo might be a great compromise.

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Teal and Black Bedding Sets You’ll LOVE!

Teal and black is really the perfect duo when it comes to decorating a neutral room that is still beautiful. Some people like to use these colors in the master bedroom the way we did, but they also work great for teen girls.


 Teal and Black Bedding

This safari print bedding features are really cool cheetah / leopard print on a teal and black comforter. It’s made of a faux silk material that is really soft and luxurious.  This is a full size set and would work with a twin size bed.  This comforter set includes the comforter and shams plus the cute matching decorative pillow you see.


Teal Black White Cheetah Print Bedding

This is one of the most popular teal and black bedding sets because of the cool designs that run through it. The mix of black and teal on the animal print is totally awesome – it’s a look that works in any girls bedroom.


Teen Teal Black White Bedding

This teal and black damask print bedding is the perfect design for a teen girls room because of the way the colors and design blend together. It’s pretty, yet still very edgy and modern which teen girls love!

5pc Adorable Teen Girl Black Teal Damask Full Queen Comforter Setteal and black bedding

Damask Teal Black White Bedding

This is one of the most popular teal and black bedding sets because of the damask design.  Damask look stunning paired with black and teal and white the way it is here in this bedding set..

Florentine Teal Modern Comforter Set Size: Full/Queenteal and black bedding

Teal and Black Bedding Set

This bedding set is a great one for the master bedroom because it features a sleek and modern design that works in almost any space.  What I love about this particular bedding set is how the color is spaced, the teal being the center point and then a thin gray layer and finishing it off with the black.


Teal Black Gray Colored Bedding

This is a more simple teal colored bedding that both men and women can find mutually desirable.  This would would work in almost any bedroom setting that has a hint of these colors in it.

10 Piece Queen Tranquil Teal and Gray Bed in a Bag Setteal and black bedding

Teal and Black Stripe Duvet Set

This is luxury at its finest.. teal and black never looked so inviting as it does when you step into a room with this duvet set. Made of 820 thread count 100% cotton – you will never want to get out of the bed.  The stunning damask design and delicate linen will set the tone for your entire bedroom.

820TC Black Damask Turquoise & Purple Duvet Setblack teal comforter sets

Teal Black Triangle and Stripe Reversible Bedding Set

This aqua blue and black triangles comforter set is ideal for any room. It comes with the comforter, two pillow shams, a bed skirt and three decorative pillows. The comforter and shams are machine washable.


Teal and Black Comforters and Bedding Sets

Teal and black is a color scheme that any two people can agree on. I love the way that teal and aqua would look when placed with black. If you want to redecorate a teal black bedroom it can be hard finding lots of choices in bedding and decor if you are trying to shop locally. If you’re planning to redecorate the bedroom you can look for bedding at places like Target, Macy’s, JC Penny and Sears but that is going to require the drive all over town and waste a lot of time. Even when you shop online it can be difficult finding a large selection of teal and black comforter sets.


Teal and Black Bedroom Ideas

Teal and black bedding is a color combination that works for so many different personalities. You can create a one of a kind bedroom with teal and black bedroom ideas that you find on this page.

You can use throw pillows, accent rugs and wall decor to accentuate the bedroom theme around any of the teal and black comforters located here. Whether you are replacing your old comforter with a new one or designing a whole new bedroom; these teal and black bedroom ideas are sure to help you make your vision a reality.

  • Clean your room. First thing you want to do is clean out the entire bedroom.  Bring out the old, dust down the corners and remove all furniture if possible.
  • Paint your room. A fresh coat of paint can add a whole new look and personality to your bedroom.  A new coat of white paint would make the whole room appear crisp and clean.
  • Decide on your layout. Figure out the best place for your bedroom furniture so that you can maximize the space in your room.
  • Choose your bedding set.  You want to choose the bedding set before buying or re-purposing anything.  The bed is the focal point of the room, you want the design to work around this one large piece.
  • Re-purpose old furniture pieces. Think about painting your dresser, mirror, closet doors, etc.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to these pieces can really give your room a bright, new look with your teal and black bedding set.

Choose a Teal and Black Bedding Set FIRST

If you choose the teal and black bedding set you like first, then you can buy all the accent pieces to match afterwards.  It’s so much easier to match decor to the bedding rather than the other way around.  Here are some more of my favorite teal and black bedding sets.


Teal and Black Bedroom Decor

Here are some of my favorite teal black bedroom decor items that would really bring out the bedroom color scheme. Finding the teal and black bedding is just the beginning, decorating with teal and black bedroom decor is what will really capture the essence of the teal black bedroom you desire. Simple pops of teal black and white color throughout the room can really go a long way in a bedroom design.

 Sheer Window Panels Chandelier Picture Art – Peel & Stick Teal Shell Shade Accent Lamp

Teal and Black Decor Throw Pillows

Teal and black is also a great color combination in toss pillows for the bed and couch. Adding a few decorative pillows like these really adds some flair and uniqueness to the room. Anyone can take a bed out of a bag, but it takes some real effort to redesign a room around it. These pillows can help you achieve a premium magazine look from any room in your home.


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